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Get further faster. Connect with friends. Become a fitter you.
Accept the challenge of those who tell you that you can’t do it. Push harder today if you want a different tomorrow. We will help you to shape your muscles and mind.

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Improve your running performance with Pacekeeper's tracking feature, which accurately monitors your position, pace, speed, and elevation in real-time, and stores the data for later analysis.

Compete against your

best self

With Pacekeeper, you can compete against your own running activity by comparing your real-time performance with your past performance, helping you set new personal records and reach your goals.

Train towards

new horizons

Train smarter, not harder with Pacekeeper's personalized training plans, which are customized to your individual fitness level, goals, and schedule, helping you achieve your running aspirations in the most efficient way possible.

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Pacekeeper still is a new and rapidly growing app. For our early adopters and selected partners, Pacekeeper is for free. Download and create your free account now.

Early adopter stage will end very soon.

Basic features will always be for free while accessing all is available through a subscription.

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Pacekeeper is available for iPhone in the App Store. Click here to get to the download.

We are working on releasing the Pacekeeper Android version. As of today, Pacekeeper is not available for Android.

Pacekeeper does not need any equipment. Everything you need to get started is your Phone with the latest version of Pacekeeper installed and ideally running shoes. You can also use Pacekeeper during your hikes.

Pacekeeper uses your phone’s internal sensors like GPS and accelerometers to track your running activity. It saves those data so you can after your activity analyse your performance and see your improvements.

Your data is secure with Pacekeeper. We only save information that is absolutely required on our servers. Everything that can stay on your phone is staying on your phone. We do not sell any of your data.

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